About Us

Dallas Kyokushin is BUDO KARATE


BUDO is literally the “martial ways” of the Japanese fighting arts. In essence, the goal is to translate what the student learns in the dojo and apply it to everyday life.

 Here at Dallas Kyokushin we practice BUDO. We practice this form of karate and follow the philosophies of Sosai Mas Oyama who is the founder of Kyokushinkai karate.

Adult Classes


Adult classes ages 14 and up start with a light warm and stretch. Kyokushin karate is a very physical style which demands all body movement. You will be challenged both mentally and physically. 

Children's Classes


Our kids classes start with a light warm up and then quickly move into basic kicks, blocks , punches (Kihon) as wellas forms and sparring. Through this training your child will develop patience, respect and confidence. We make every class a challenging  and fun